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    Cables for HP 16717A Logic Analyser Blade?


      I recently bought an HP 16700A which came without cables (or pods) for the 16717A blades.   The cables (part number 16715-61601) are still available from Agilent, but the price is a rather eye watering GBP193 plus 20% tax plus delivery each.   I need four of these cables (plus the pods), and at that sort of price, I cannot afford them!


      So does anyone have any of these cables excess to requirements that I could buy for a more reasonable price?


      Related to this - you may wish to take a look at http://www.perdrix.co.uk/hp16700 which is a HOWTO get full access to the HP-UX 10.20 system which runs this LA.

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          Keysight Technologies

          Hi Perdix.  For some reason your message was overlooked and was only just found yesterday.  My apologies for the long resulting delay in my response.


          As I hope you are aware, the 16717A was made obsolete back in 2003 and moved out of support in November 2008.  As we’re able, we will continue to provide low level parts such as these cables.  I consulted with one of the managers responsible for the logic analyzers and he is unfamiliar with alternate sourcing of these cables at a lesser price.  Please note that because the product is no longer officially supported, it is unlikely that companies will continue to carry this product and its accessories.  Your best option would likely be to explore a rental company or perhaps something like eBay if you want to try to find an alternative.  Good luck.