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    Battery recycling issues in Europe


      Michael Green, chairman of the European Battery Recycling Association (EBRA), spoke to Waste Management World around the issues surrounding the Batteries Directive.


      “With all European member states now working to meet collection targets set by the Batteries Directive, the UK is facing one of the toughest hurdles to hit the 2012 collection target of 25% for portable waste batteries from the 10% target achieved last year.


      In several European countries the concept of recycling waste portable batteries is long established but here in the UK there is still a major job to be done in educating the general public of the need to recycle their portable waste batteries. The Battery Compliance Schemes (BCSs) have done a great job in getting recycling containers out into the marketplace and starting to build the volumes that are collected, but in spite of this, large sections of the public are still unaware of the importance of not disposing of batteries in their household waste. That education process will need to be stepped up further to ensure the UK can meet its legal obligations next year.


      A more immediate challenge facing the industry is the lack of clarity surrounding the recycling efficiency targets set by the Directive. From September this year all member states are expected to comply with the recycling efficiencies but it is very difficult to do this when no-one knows how the recycling efficiency should be calculated.


      While the recycling percentages are very clear, with 75% of useful material to be salvaged from nickel cadmium batteries, 65% from lead acid batteries and 50% from others, there is no official clarity on how the efficiency is to be calculated. As a result, when asked about their Recycling Efficiencies, recycling companies are giving an answer based on calculations they themselves have devised.”


      What do you think of Michael Green’s comments? Have the Battery Compliance Schemes done enough to promote battery recycling? Do you find the lack of clarity frustrating or have you found ways to integrate it?



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