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    NukeTape - Electrical Splice Tape for Nuclear Facilities


      NukeTape is an silicone tape used for electrical splices and the product is approved for use inside the continment area of Nuclear Facilities.


      The product was originally considered only for safety-related / harsh applications, but nuclear facilities have found the tape to be so cost effective that they use the product throughout the plant wherever ordinary splicing tape or heat-shrink would be used.  This also allows nuclear facilities to replace many tape and shrink tube splicing SKU’s with Nuke Tape, as it is rated for use inside or outside the containment area. 


      Saving in Material Cost Cost comparisons by plant operators show that the material costs to complete a typical splice using NukeTape averages $20.  The same splice insulated heat-shrink costs $120 in materials.  The tape is also quicker to install which limits the amount of time employees spend in containment areas. One part number for Nuke Tape effectively replaces multiple inventory items, eliminating conventional insulating and jacketing tapes as well as over thirty heat-shrink kits an the tools required to apply them.  The tape can shipped from stock within a few days eliminating the need for the customer to maintain large, on-site inventories.


      Has anyone heard of, or used, NukeTape before?