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        I haven't, (despite filling in the form within minutes of 0600) *sobs harder*

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          I am a bit angry that I didn't get an email, and even though I registered it obviously didn't work but due to a lack of confirmation I had no way of knowing.  I phoned up earlier, they said if you try to register again it won't work if your first registration went through.  It obviously didn't so I will probably wait six months for mine now!  Glad I got up at 0600 for nothing, what a crock!

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            I phoned RS as well when I had not heard from them. They also said that if you have already registered it won't let you register again. Rubbish. It lets you register aninterest as many times as you like. I have had one confirmation from them but whether that relates to 6:00am on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon after I phoned, I just don't know.


            On the other hand, if you think this is frustrating and confusing, just wait until your Pi arrives and you have to get it going. That will definitely sort the Roys and Maurices from the Jens.

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              Well, I will just have to wait and see then.  Maybe the first try did work, but I am still waiting on an email.

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                When I spoke to RS earlier, they said they had only been allocated 900 raspis from the first batch!

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                  I too was eagerly waiting at 0600 but for two hours all I got was blankish screens. It was a shock to find that the work had been farmed out to Farnel and RS and my immediate thought was - that'l double the price for a start. If Rpi are still making a small profit how much are the distibutors getting - judging by their normal prices a one off item is marked up 50-100%.

                  Its frustrating but the product is good and worth all this hassle (to me anyway). I would pay this much for a computer periferal with just the video capability, never mind a built in processor etc - this was going out (originally) for the price of an arduino. Will any more of those (arduinos) get sold?

                  Think, one day you'l be able to bounce you kids on your knee and say - 'did I ever tell you about the Rpi debacle?'  arr them were the days.

                  I think these will find their way into commercial products just because of the display abilities for the price, and wont be surprised to see clones etc proliferating. After a few million have been sold and they are still in demand we'll see the ipad/ iphone lookalike scenario; everyone jumping on the bandwagon.

                  Ah well, so far I've only been able to register an interest - I did get an e-mail with a button to order but that just took me to the register screen.

                  By the way, where are Liz and the message board - perhaps they're keeping their heads down till Rpi's actually materialise.

                  What we need is a clear announcement of the ACTUAL situation so we can all get on with our lives and patiently await our turn - its all the speculation which has given this whole venture a tacky feel.


                  Ah thats better............


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                    What is the purpose of this email; it says nothing about stock or anything


                    Thank You

                    Robert C Davis

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                      I understand that therre has been huge demand for the Pi but, along with many others, I expressed interest through Pi's own site last year and feel quite let down - it's as if we've been brushed aside by the tide of media hype. Petulent I know but I'm just being honest. Having got that off my chest, I appreciate it isn't the fault of Element14.


                      The main reason I have followed the progress of the Raspberry Pi for all this time is that I could see the potential as a teaching tool. I teach computing to 16-19 year olds (technical support and developers) and wanted to purchase class sets for my students to use. Correct me if I'm wrong but, I understood that teaching in schools and colleges was one of the main reasons for developing them? It appears that most of the stocks have been sold in a media stampede in single units. So what about schools and colleges? Is there a separate arena for those of us in education to buy Pis for teaching? With the government push for young people to develop skills such as programming and app development, I would have thought that some priority would have been given to education.

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                        I also registered just after 6am with RS and haven't received any sort of confirmation email.


                        Was I supposed to get one and doesn't this mean I now will not be contacted when stock does arrive?

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                          Are you sure you have been following this?

                          This first release is aimed at geeks and nerds. The Pi has no casing, there is little or no documentation and even the people producing the operating systems are just about one page ahead of the rest of us.

                          The idea is that developers will have a really good thrash at working out what the Pi can do, producing, documentation, guides, etc, so that later in the year a proper education release can be made.

                          i know the Pi site is down at the moment but when it is back have a look on the forum at the education section.

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                            John Beetem

                            Even though www.raspberrypi.org is currently suspended, you can get a lot of information about educational plans at the Wiki: http://elinux.org/RaspberryPiBoard and http://elinux.org/Rpi_Education.  This is mostly work in progress and work planned, but there is a lot of enthusiasm and motivation for educational applications.

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                              Elementary said: "After a few million have been sold and they are still in demand we'll see the ipad/ iphone lookalike scenario; everyone jumping on the bandwagon."


                              Dude, what you described already exist, they are called Android Tablets and Smartphones. LOL


                              The Raspberry Pi, in fact, is basically nearly simply the guts of an Android Tablet.

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                                Colin Barnard

                                Privacy problems, especially with EU/UK law on such things?


                                They'd have had to email everyone asking permission I would think, and with laws on privacy varying in different jurisdictions (even in the EU) that would have been a headache.

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                                  I have been following but I don't recall reading about geeks and nerds being the primary target for sales... But then I have focussed on reading the blurb about schools and education which, as I said, was the reason behind the development. Being something of a geek myself, I do understand the desire to get my hands on a new "toy" and then talk enthusiastically about what we've done with it, but there's a shortage of young programmers out there and we desperately need to get them started on the road to employment in engineering and technology. After all, the future of these industries is, in my opinion more important than our hobbies. Having said that, I do take your point about enthusiasts using the the first run of Pis to develop the technology. It may have been a good idea to reserve some so  that teachers of technology could have experimented a little before buying them for the classroom. Of course I have a significant bias in this area but then the future of industry is important.


                                  These are just my thoughts and opinions. Feel free to disagree or agree - contructive discussion is good .

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                                    The Pi site and forum is up again so you can go and have a look. As initial stocks are limited the need was for the developer/hobbyist/enthusiast/educational community to get their hands on the Pi rather than the intended end user, the pupil. For months they have been trying to get the media interested and been trying to drum up interest. The genie is, however, now out of the bag, and in recent weeks they have been firefighting just to keep their heads above water. From a small project aimed at British schools, there is now interest from all over the world, which is great, but will inevitably make supply an issue in the short term.