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    Using ATMega32 instead of ATMega328 chip


      We are doing a project on getting the temperature and humidity details from sensors, displaying it on LCD, and sending it wirelessly using Xbee to another Arduino module to get processed and displayed. For the first part we have written the program in C for the chip ATMega32 not for ATMega328, and simulated in Proteus. Can you tell me whether there is an Arduino kit for this particular IC ATmega32? We have written the code for the second part (Processing and displaying it, may be we will include sending the data using GSM) also in C. For this part we wish to use ATMega328 and Arduino kit. But can we burn this C program into the IC using Aurduino Uno kit? What is the difference between the programming in Arduino kit and C program?

      We are beginners and it would be really helpful if you can clear our queries.