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    Viewer Challenge: Nintendo DS Video and Controller Add-Ons


      Here's a challenge that a lot of us at Speed Demos Archive want, but haven't been able to come up with a good solution yet.  Here's the scoop.


      What we do is record video games being played quickly.  For console games, this is generally very easy to record - as consoles have ways to output the video already.  Even doing GB/GBC/GBA games isn't hard, since there's the Super Game Boy and Game Boy Player.  The Nintendo DS on the other hand...is hard.  Basically right now we have to be in a very dark area and point a camera at the system.  It's not convenient at all.  This is a 2 part idea.


      Part 1: Video Output.

      Goal: Be able to transmit the video on a Nintendo DS Lite (as it's one of the most common DS systems in use and still available in stores, unlike the DS Phat) from the system onto one of the following: USB, S-Video, Component, or HDMI.  The higher the quality, the better.  Having an option of multiple would be better yet (so having S-Video and an HDMI option, for instance).  Being able to detach the output system so you can just use the DS Lite on the go would be total win.


      Part 2: Controller Output

      Goal: Be able to plug in a controller into the system and use it to control the DS, as if you were pushing the buttons.  At minimal, being able to use a removable specially setup controller.  If the controller device could be used with any standard off the shelf controller (such as you go buy a DualShock 2 or Classic Controller Pro) would be better, but that would only be best if you could reprogram the controls while it's plugged in.  The reason for this is that some games on the DS use "GBA" controls.  By that I mean they use B/A instead of the more comfortable Y/B for inputs.  Hence why controls may need to be configured.  No need for Turbo, as Speed Demos Archive does not allow it.


      Having both parts be removable items is important or portability.  There's lots of options/ideas, so hopefully somebody could help us make this work.




      Nicholas "Sir VG" Hoppe