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    size of first shipment

      The video of the first shipment of units to RS appears to show 14 boxes

      being delivered on a cart.  A box holds 50, so that would be 700 units.

      Assuming the same number are allocated for Farnell, and I believe 400

      are allocated for Nokia, that makes 1800.  I believe about 50 units failed

      factory testing, leaving about 150 for the foundation, its partners, and

      favored developers.


      The boxes appear not to have been opened since arrival from the factory,

      so no CE stickers or post-factory testing, unless done by the distributors.


      I will go a bit out on a limb and say I believe the remaining 8000 from the

      first batch never existed, just like the remaining 75 of 100 beta boards

      never existed.  The final straw for me was the news today that the first

      batch of 2000 is the last batch that the foundation will be delivering to

      the distributors, since from now on, the distributors will be making and

      shipping them themselves.

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          Drew Fustini

          bit off topic, but you mentioned Nokia which piqued my interest (I'm a bitter N900 owner and former Mameo Linux user).  do you know of somewhere that talks more about that?

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            I also have a Nokia Maemo device - N810

            Used it as a Sat Nav until it tried to direct me through the middle of a supermarket. I had paid for 3 years map updates which never materialised.


            Any suggestions as to what an old N810 could be used for - a touch screen/keyboard for a RPi?

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              Drew Fustini

              Interesting question as I have a Maemo device too that I'm not sure what to do with now.  Touchscreen/keyboard role might work by using a bluetooth or wifi adapter on the Pi and the using some client in Maemo that talk to a server on the Pi.

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                Interesting point you make coder 27. Is there anyone else around here that can shed any light on this ? I've tried to find more info, but nothnig seems clear about the 8,000 that were floating around somewhere between here and China ?


                Or have I missed some news ?

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                  Replying to myself, is that a bad habit ? Anyway, I've posed the question over in the RasPi forums. Any significant information and I will post here too.


                  That's if I don't get banned for asking a difficult question...

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                    Thanks for asking on the RasPi forum.  Judging by the responses you've gotten so far,

                    anyone who knows isn't saying, and anyone who's saying doesn't know.

                    That's the way it's been on this issue for a long time, which certainly raises suspicions.


                    I also asked here: http://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-43262#comment-13325


                    It will be interesting to see if batch 2 has the EC mark silkscreened.

                    That would be a giveaway that the 8000 never existed.


                    One tidbit we heard yesterday is that RS sent out 2000 congratulatory emails in March

                    to those who were in the first batch.  But since only 700 units actually arrived in the first batch,

                    they have 1300 disappointed customers who now have to wait for the second batch. 

                    It isn't clear why they sent out 2000.  Maybe they forgot they would have to split the first batch,

                    or maybe they thought the first batch was more like 5000 units.  Mysteries abound.

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                      Now I'm really confused.  Apparently yesterday Eben gave out some boards from the first batch to a school in Leeds -- http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-17703852


                      Surely the entirety of the first batch (all 10k of them, not just 2k, nor only 700) was sold out to preorders, wasn't it?  How could Eben possibly have a bunch of them spare for the school?


                      Something's really bizarre about all this.  The numbers don't add up.

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                          The numbers do add up.  See my original post in this thread.

                        The distributors were each allocated 700 of the first batch of 2000.

                        Eben kept about 150, 10% of which he handed out to the class,

                        and one of which ended up on eBay.

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                          Well your numbers add up, but those aren't the numbers to which I'm referring.  I'm referring to the Foundation's numbers, which are that 10,000 had been made as batch #1, not merely ordered to be made.  And according to everything that's been said since the last week of February, those 10k were being assigned to preorders.  I guess that's not the case then.

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                            more on the holdbacks...


                            In the November 2 article "How we're managing the first sales":



                            it says holdbacks would be "a couple of percent of the first few runs".

                            2% of 10000 would be 200, which is exactly how many they did hold back,

                            including the 50 failed boards.


                            note that they can't hold back any additional boards now, since all further

                            production is being done by the distributors, and shipped directly to them.


                            note also that the first 10k units were "emphatically not for programmers only",

                            but instead, just first come first served, "whoever you are".


                            This article also gives the first clue that the first batch would not be the full

                            10K units, although to this day the RPi forum is saying it was in their

                            pinned "status" article.

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                              As you say coder27, not a lot of helpful replies so far, just a lot of speculation. I have now tried a more direct approach in the thread of asking if anyone from the foundation can comment.


                              I got a mail from Farnell a while back, saying that I was one of the lucky people that was going to be one of the first to get my hands on a Pi, with a delivery date slated in mid April. I presumed this meant I was in the first 10,000 orders, but if this has now been shrunk to 700, it is little surprise I haven't had a despatch e-mail.


                              As for the one on Ebay, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Being handed a device that people all across the world are clamouring for, and then deciding to sell it on ebay because ' I'm not really into computers'...I hope that isn't going to be a metaphor for the Pi, in that it'll end up being a hit with makers, engineers and tinkerers but won't make the slightest difference to UK computer education. When I was that age, i'd have given at *least* my right arm for one, and possibly one or two non essential internal organs.

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                                @coder27: Aha!  That makes sense.  Well spotted that the 10k was only for "parts kits", and that they never actually produced 10k boards.  Good lord.  No wonder the 8k "missing" boards have never appeared, and the Foundation has kept tight lipped about them --- they never existed.  Batch #1 was 2k.


                                /me shakes head in disbelief.

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                                  when in doubt, who's numbers are you going to believe,

                                  the guys actually making the thing or some anonymous

                                  forum poster? 


                                  I think by now it is painfully obvious that the missing 8000

                                  units is just a hoax.  According to trustee Robert Mullins,

                                  the foundation didn't even order 10K of the parts kits they said

                                  they were ordering.  Instead they ordered 5K.

                                  see page 9 here: http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~rdm34/raspi-talk.pdf

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