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    size of first shipment

      The video of the first shipment of units to RS appears to show 14 boxes

      being delivered on a cart.  A box holds 50, so that would be 700 units.

      Assuming the same number are allocated for Farnell, and I believe 400

      are allocated for Nokia, that makes 1800.  I believe about 50 units failed

      factory testing, leaving about 150 for the foundation, its partners, and

      favored developers.


      The boxes appear not to have been opened since arrival from the factory,

      so no CE stickers or post-factory testing, unless done by the distributors.


      I will go a bit out on a limb and say I believe the remaining 8000 from the

      first batch never existed, just like the remaining 75 of 100 beta boards

      never existed.  The final straw for me was the news today that the first

      batch of 2000 is the last batch that the foundation will be delivering to

      the distributors, since from now on, the distributors will be making and

      shipping them themselves.