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    Farnell service


      Has anyone experienced the slow decline in the standard of service from Farnell and associated companies in the last year or two? It has got to the point where the 'same day despatch' they advertise is meaningless. We are advised to place orders before 8pm (7pm from CPC) but recently unless I'm finding that unless I order by the middle of the afternoon they've not gone until the following day.


      An order I placed last week with CPC didn't actually get sent until I phoned up to ask what was going on! The email I sent got no reply at all.


      Sometimes it doesn't matter and the order isn't so urgent but sometimes you need parts next day so being able to rely on an order being shipped becomes more important.


      CPC have been truly shocking of late - I can't think of a single order I've placed with them that has gone the same day no matter what time of day it was placed. Farnell are a bit more reliable but the 8pm cut off time is more like 4pm. I'd prefer they advertised something they can achieve rather than give the impression I'll get my bits next day when they know I won't. I'm not talking large orders here either - I placed one last night at 7:30 for 4 lines. Stock was allocated within 15 minutes. It didn't ship until 2pm today.


      RS seem much more reliable. Their prices are coming down and they are stocking more lines. Farnell need to watch out if they want to keep market share I feel. It is also much easier for a small trader to get an RS credit account than one from Farnell.

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          Never had any problems with Farnell myself, was an RS customer for decades, and got let down quite a lot. Most annoying problem I found with RS was the fact that I kept buying out of date development boards...never ever got one up to date from them...

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            Hi Stephen,


            One of my colleagues has flagged this feedback up to me and I would appreciate being able to look into this for you. If you could send me the most recent examples on email to webadmin@cpc.co.uk I will check what has caused delays getting your orders despatched (Account and Order reference would be ideal and if you want to provide Farnell examples I can make sure they get to the right people as well).


            If you have had a decline in service then please accept our apologies and our thanks for raising it as an issue. I know we track the performance of same day despatch and its pretty close to 100% at the moment (this can only be measured on orders passed to the warehouse to be fulfilled), so I can only assume there is some additional checking being carried out on these orders that have held them up.


            Please do get in touch with the details, I am really keen to have this looked into.


            Kind regards


            Andy @ CPC

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              Well, the CPC order which was sorted out at 6pm on Monday only arrived today and no sign of the Farnell order placed on the same day that was apparently despatched yesterday. The order status shows 'no tracking available' which usually means it went by normal post but the post has been and no components.


              Which means my last CPC order took 1 week and 1 day to arrive and the earliest my last Farnell order will arrive is 3 days after the order was placed, not next day.


              I'm not sure how you can judge performance on the orders being issued to the warehouse when it is what comes out of there that matters. After all, issuing an order placed online I would imagine would be automated and take seconds.


              I queried the despatch thing with Farnell a few months back and was told that the same day despatch meant if they despatched the order before 8pm it would go same day, not if it was placed before 8pm. That isn't what the website or T&Cs say, nor is it much use as how are customers supposed to know how long an order will take to process?


              I'll email you the details separately but suffice to say I am far from happy at the moment and am only using Farnell and CPC where Rapid and RS can't supply what I need.

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                Hi Stephen


                I appreciate what your saying in that as a customer, your primary concern is the time the order takes to get to you, and that a week for delivery is not within our 2-5 days standard delivery (although for many we do deliver next day anyway).


                What I wanted to get across was that the vast majority of orders will be despatched the same day, the only exceptions really being if an order has held for some additional accounts checks to be completed on it.


                7 days delivery is unusual, so if you can provide the account and reference information I will be able to track what has happened here for you.


                Kind regards


                Andy @ CPC

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                  To be honest, I can accept that couriers and post don't always deliver next day. What I'm pointing out is that quite often orders places before the cut-off time for same day despatch aren't put in the hands of the courier or post office on the same day.


                  Neither CPC nor Farnell offer credit accounts to small traders without credit references we often struggle to provide so all orders are paid for by credit card. There shouldn't be any additional delays I wouldn't have thought if payment is made up-front?