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    Nokia, Qt, and Raspberry Pi


      It has been mentioned before (deep in a thread) that Nokia obtained 400 Rpi boards for giving out free to Qt developers.  I'm making a top-level thread for the appropriate links here, as I think that line of work might become highly interesting:



      The original Qt folks (Trolltech) once developed the Greenphone -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenphone -- and they were later bought out by Nokia who were probably highly impressed by Trolltech's technical and open source capability.  Despite the mess that Nokia has become in recent times (a tragic story of their CEO moving a great independent company into bed with Microsoft and WinMobile), the Qt team within Nokia nevertheless continues their open source work as before, currently focussing on Qt 5.


      I think this may become important for Rpi because the Qt people are clearly committed to making it work well on these boards, which will require much attention to efficiency since the SoC's CPU isn't very powerful.  And since they have good links with the Foundation, and Nokia has good links with Broadcom (Nokia used earlier versions of the Broadcom VideoCore SoC in their phones -- see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VideoCore ), Nokia would have some sway on the SoC manufacturer if new or modified drivers are needed to make better use of the GPU.


      This could become extremely important for Rpi, given that the VideoCore parts of Rpi's BCM2835 are currently closed to open source developers.