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    Sigrok: Open Source software supports many USB logic analyzers

    Drew Fustini

      I spotted this story on Slashdot today:


      sigrok - cross-platform, open-source logic analyzer software with protocol decoder support

      I originally started working on an open-source logic analyzer software named "flosslogic" in 2010, because I grew tired of almost all devices having a proprietary and Windows-only software, often with limited features, limited input/output file formats, limited usability, limited protocol decoder support, and so on. Thus, the goal was to write a portable, GPL'd, software that can talk to many different logic analyzers via modules/plugins, supports many input/output formats, and many different protocol decoders.


      A collection of logic analyzers where sigrok support is functional or planned.


      As a Linux user, I'm very interested to see how the project progresses.  I choose the Salae Logic because it supports Linux.  I've been happy with it but it would nice to know if selecting a LA in the future I might have more options due to Sigrok.


      Checkout the sigrok wiki for more info: http://sigrok.org/wiki/Main_Page