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    Arduino Controlled Greenhouse!

    Andrew Steinke

      Hi everyone, while surfing the nets I came across this website (which I think is absolutly wonderful by the way) and I just decided to post one of my project ideas and see if anyone has any input.


      Im (attempting) to build an arduino controlled greenhouse (Garduino?).  Right now I am just starting out with a basic temperature sensor ( a TC74A0 running throug an I2C bus) and a humidity sensor (its a capacitance humidity sensor, wired up to an astable 555 chip circut).  In the future I am hoping to add relays that control heating elements of some sort, lights, and a humidifier, all of these would be adjusted with what the Arduino is getting from its sensors.


      In the future I am planning to add a PH sensor, and soil dampness sensor.


      So what do you guys think? Any suggestions for me?