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    How can I interface the PI to sensors ?


      Sorry if this has been asked before


      I have experience playing around with the Arduino platform and interfacing sensors such as temperature, pressure etc.


      I would like to know how this would be possible with the PI. I have seen the 'Gert Board' and also the board produced by Ciseco here: http://shop.ciseco.co.uk/slice-of-pi/. Is it as simple as plugging in sensors (and of course the odd LED or two) to the general I/O pins mentioned in the description for the last item and writing some code to read / write to these (I'm hoping in Python?).


      Would I do better to learn more about I2C and SPI to get the most of the Pi ( I have seen you can do this on the Arduino, but i'm somewhat a beginner so keeping it simple at the moment). If so, can anyone recommend a good primer on I2C and SPI for the Arduino?


      Given the power differential of the Pi to the Arduino in terms of processing power I think this would be a great platform to work on for this type of exercise.


      Thanks for any pointers.