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    Raspberry Pi CNC & help needed

    Cabe Atwell

      Gunhead V2 medium.jpg

      Pic of my current CNC lathe. It could benefit from having a built in RPi console for CAM control. I need a little help...



      I need some votes for my side business Gunhead.com in a grant contest.


      As part of my future plans, I am going to incorporate a Raspberry Pi into a CNC lathe, among many other projects. IE: Paintball gun, CNC mill, CNC rotary table, CNC support community and more.

      Today is the last day for voting in the contest (6/30/2012), so please help me out. (I am quite short of the goal, I started too late.)


      goto www.missionsmallbusiness.com

      Bottom right hand - log in & support.

      Then search for "Gunhead" (without the quotes)

      Send a vote my way.