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    Enable full memory for 512MB Rev 2.0 Pi

    Drew Fustini

      Hello - I finally tried out my 512MB Rev 2.0 Pi on Saturday night and am curious how others went about enabling the full memory.  I flashed the current Sept-18 Raspbian image.  The Pi booted ok but without the extra memory detected.  I installed rpi-update and ran it.  After the reboot, the memory was still the same, so I started researching.  I came across this helpful page:




      which explains that hexxeh's rpi-update is not currently working for the latest firmware.  I followed the instructions to grab the latest from github and copy into /boot.  Upon a reboot, the extra memory was detected, and I could further change the CPU vs. GPU allocation with gpu_mem in /boot/config.txt.


      Does anyone currently know of a simpler process?