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    Do you have access to an industrial or factory environment? You could be selected for our exclusive RoadTest!

      Hi Everyone.


      We are getting ready to launch an exciting new RoadTest which requires access to an industrial environment. The products being offered this time concern a new kind of wiring that can significantly improve control panels in buildings. Please check out the questions below. If you find yourself answering 'yes' to many of them, you are exactly the kind of engineer we want to know about! Just post a reply to this thread and we will be in touch with you shortly!


      • Do you have experience in working with an industrial motor control panel?
      • Do you have experience programming an industrial PLC or programmable relay?
      • Have you engineered or wired a control panel including pushbuttons, relays, contactors, and other I/O?
      • Are you familiar with UL 508?
      • Do you have access to a PC to install software, write ladder on a programmable relay, and evaluate usability?
      • Are you experienced in working with electrical components on an industrial equipment and machines?