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    Help with Ti's PCM1704 versions


      Could you please confirm which version of Ti's version of the PCM1704U-KPCM1704U-K I would need to replace a faulty Brown Burr PCM1704U-KPCM1704U-K?

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          Burr Bown are part of Ti and have been for some time.


          What does it say on the duff chip (and how do you know that it's duff ?)


          Michael Kellett

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              It's in a multi channel AV amp.

              Checked as faulty by scoping inputs, then removed old chip from board and swapped by another one on the same board (centre channel).

              Channel then worked ok and fault had moved to the centre channel.

              All that's printed on IC is "BB PCM1704U-KPCM1704U-K"

              I think that the Ti version "PCM1704U-K" is a suitable replacement.

              Many thanks for your help.





              Stephen Woodrow


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