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    Project idea but not sure what device/technology to use?


      Hi guys


      I have an idea for a project, something that i would like but i cant find it avaliable anywhere!


      Great ill build it, it should be simple enough


      Without giving away all the details here is the basics for my idea.


      • Up to 100 LEDs individually controlled via a webpage (e.g. button 1-100 turns on the corresponding LED a bit of text under each button and maybe an Image for each)
      • A website on the device to control the LEDs, local network only 1 user at a time.
      • Low powered.
      • Cheap


      Now i have 2 Raspberry pi's which i am using for messing around with at the moment media centre, car pc, mame box etc etc.


      If i decided to sell this project afterwards a raspberry pi seems over the top and a little expensive,


      Ive looked at arduinos as you can just buy the chip and build a simple circuit around it rather than intergrating the whole board to save on cost. I still need a network add on which would bump the cost up quite a bit? Can i host a website on this?


      Or could i use a TI launchpad cost about £10 but again no network?


      Whats the best device for something like this? Any help would be much appreciated