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        Ah. I agree even more now

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          We will be releasing an update for the MSD applications to enable support for Linux by the end of this week.



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            Great news!!! Thanks

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              Did the updates get completed?

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                Where can the updates be found, Please?


                Thank you.

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                  I'm also in search of linux support.

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                    Yeah, I'm still waiting too, would be great if I could actually use my 2 "freedom" dev boards..

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                      Hi, All,


                      The OpenSDA MSD Flash Programmer application has been updated and now supports Linux!


                      Available here: http://www.pemicro.com/opensda/


                      Unfortunately, you will still have to use a Windows machine to put the board into bootloader mode and drag in the new MSD App.  The Bootloader suffered the same issue as the MSD App.  For now, the only update option is to use your existing Bootloader.


                      MSD Flash Programmer Release Notes:

                      MSD Version 1.07


                        - Improved initial communications to the target MCU to address cases where

                          the reset line is disabled or the low power boot mode is used. This may

                          previously have resulted in inability to reprogram the target MCU.


                      MSD Version 1.06


                        - Support added for Linux Operating System (Tested on Ubuntu)


                      MSD Version 1.05

                        - Reset and Run after programming was fixed for secure devices

                        - If an illegal file was dropped to it, the LEDs wouldn't blink an error, device would stop working.

                        - Protected against programming the FSEC in a way which permanently secures the device




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                        Also of note is that Code Red's Red Suite 5 now supports Linux and MacOS in addition to Windows.  You can get started with Red Suite from the FRDM-KL25Z site.  Find the "Getting started with the FRDM-KL25Z and Red Suite 5" link.



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                          Can someone tell me if it actually supports Linux, or it's just the 32bit x86 "Linux" with non-free licencing, which makes no reason to use it over Windows?  The "u need Windows to set it up", and the "register your details to download like it's still 1997" doesn't bode well..


                          My embedded coding systems are Debian GNU/Linux running on a Raspberry Pi (ARM), a Lemote Yeelong (MIPS Loongson), so I need that real free software source stuff. (The housemate who got into Arduino did so because of the IDE working on their Mac.) There isn't a x86_32 Linux or Windows system in the house. The STM32 Disco boards and MSP430 kits are working fine, fwiw.

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                            From the FWIW department, I have CodeWarrior 10.3 running in Win XP on VirtualBox in Ubuntu 12.04.


                            After a week of troubleshooting and getting everything configured correctly, the Freedom board works as expected, including Bootloading both the debug and MSD programs from the Windows virtual machine.


                            The issue I am having, however, is the 8-12 second delay during "Step Over" commands in debug mode. This means it takes nearly a minute to step through a 5 line program. (This makes programming nearly painful, and excruciating if ones program is more complicated than 3 IO commands.)


                            I don't know where the problem lies; whether it be in the way I have the MCU timing set, or the version of the debug program in the Bootloader, or the way I have the VirtualBox configured with either Win XP or my Ubuntu system, or because my computer is simply too slow (3 GHz & 4 G RAM.)


                            (Also FWIW, I don't know if CodeWarrior can run in Windows in VirtualBox on Ubuntu with anything less than 4 G RAM. Two G is needed for the Win virtual machine and CW and the rest is used by VirtualBox and Ubuntu.)


                            If there is any interest, I can list what I think I did to make it all work together. (Honestly I am not entirely sure, but except for the delay, I don't "think" I am having any issues.)


                            Or, if figuring this out is common knowledge, can someone direct me to how I might solve the delay issue, please?


                            Thank you.

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                              I was able to find a windows machine and update, after that I was able to drag files from my linux box to the freedom board and all worked as expected. Thanks for hearing our concerns.



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                                Recently 1.07 OpenSDA has been released. I (and others) have tested this and as of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS AMD64, with provided v28 Linux drivers, precompiled binaries (.srec) can be written to the board. Great.


                                The fact that the Bootloader doesn't support Linux can only be resolved by the factory, according to Freescale support, so there remains no option but to use Windows machines to swap from loading to debugging OpenSDA applications. Not great. Actually bad. But enough to close this issue.

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                                  No, they could tell us what order of accesses to the virtual FAT filesystem is expected and seen with on windows, or what the exact bug was that was fixed.


                                  This is a perfect example of why using a mass storage device + filesystem interface to something that is not a filesystem on a mass storage device is a very, very bad idea.




                                  1) What was the exact change made to the MSD firmware to support that one particular version of ubuntu? (note: I expect it is brittle enough that there is no garuntee it will work in future revisions of any thing that affects the order blocks are accessed in)

                                  2) Why isn't the source code for the OpenSDA applications publicly avaliable?

                                  3) What is the debug OpenSDA application's protocol?

                                  4) Don't use a fs (filesystem) on msd (mass storage device) interface _ever_ again. Plain msd where I simply write the raw fw onto what appears to be a block device is perfectly fine. Trying to pretend you have a filesystem is asking for trouble.

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                                    I am having what seems to be a similar problem. I am running Windows XP. I installed the PE drivers and updated the drivers for the OpenSDA - CDC serial port, as the quick start guide explains. I can connect the board both as the flash progammer and as the bootloader, but I can't seem to load files in either of them. The explorer window shows the new *.srec or *.sda files but nothing changes on the board.


                                    I see this post is about this happening on Linux but did it happen to anybody running Windows? Was a solution found?