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    CSI camera module, OmniVision OV5647 specs


      Slashdot has a new thread about on-demo-a-25-1080p-camera-module-for-raspberry-pi , linking to RPF's blog announcement and a few other resources.


      Embedded in RPF's thread are the specs of the camera sensor module reported by JamesH:


      OmniVision OV5647

      720p/60 and 1080p/30 video

      1.4 micron pixels, backside-illuminated

      8/10 bit raw RGB data output

      active array size: 2592 x 1944

      image area: 3.6736 x 2.7384 mm

      lens size: 1/4#


      OmniVision provides a summary page on the OV5647, and there's also an accompanying product brief for the device.  Their application note for the related OmniVision Serial Camera Control Bus is quite comprehensive and may be of interest too.


      Unfortunately their datasheet link leads to a request form, so unless someone finds a copy elsewhere, we may be missing detailed information on the OV5647 device.