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    gaming? can it be used for this?


      gaming ? will this run world of warcraft, or other online games?


      wanting for a possible type of emulator substitute console to play all the dvd/cd rom games wii/xbox/xbox360/ps1-2-3 and dl nentendo classic games.


      i am thinking this device needs atleast 2 usbs with ability to add a usb-hub


      if it and an aux usb port to and a tb hd or larger usb flash drive 32-64-128gig etc? with the game info operating from the external hd?

      maybe another option would be to add the aux usb port...for a hd or external dvd-rom drive


      any info about this add on if it sounds like a good idea ?


      i am interested in getting a few if some mods could be made.


      and is this set at a basic pnp for functions or set to be a command progamable fromm the start?


      new to the forum here and this device......

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          The Raspberry Pi will never run wow or pretty much any other windows/mac game unless it has extremely low requirements and is compiled for an arm processor. The best you can emulate at the moment is playstation 1 with slightly slow framerates and I am not sure if there is sound.

          I recommend you buy a full size computer to do such things, with the exception of ps3/xbox360, I do not believe those are able to be emulated on pc (at the moment).


          If you would like to make a small emulator for old systems such as NES, SNES, MAME, Gameboy, up to PS1 then you could definately use the raspberry pi. Not all of the emulators have sound or run at full speed at this time, they will probably be updated to run much better in the near future.

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            there is a youtube video of a guy playing quake 3 with a decent framerate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_mDuJuvZjI