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    Analogue gaming keyboard project - whoah!


      Wow, what a great project - Logitec should be doing this already!


      It's the major bugbear when comparing FPS games on the 360 and the PC - A mouse is better for aiming, and joypad is better for movement - that mod levels out the playing field.  Someone needs to be producing this, it'd sell like Salma Hayek shaped hotcakes.


      Anyway, just wanted to give some kudo's and see if anyone else wishes gaming keyboards were actually better for gaming, and not just more expensive .

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          Yeah, it seems there hasn't been much development into alternative gaming interfaces for PC's.


          I do like the Analog controller, but not for all.  In a lot of FPS games, where accuracy and precise movement are extremely important, I'd rather have the standard digital control.  Most of the time you spend running full speed anyways, and when you are in a battle, you want to know exactly the distance and speed you are travelling per press and you can kind of PWM your presses.


          I believe the keyboard Ben built can do either or so then you can use it for all cases, which is nice.