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    show idea/challenge


      the challenge is to make a rasperry pi  into a netbook for under $300. you have to have the following:


      wireless internet (any just as long as you can connect to the internet without any wires or bluetooth)

      32 or 64 bit CPU (a good choice would be a intel atom)

      A Screen (has to be at least 7 inch)

      A GPU (if the CPU doesnt have one already)

      fan(s) to keep it cool.




      HARD DRIVE or at least 32gb USB flash drive

      AT LEAST 1 USB PORT (not including if you used  a usb flash drive as hard drive which should be inside the laptop)



      battery + charger

      Headphones jack

      Microphone jack

      Windows 7 or Linux as operating system.

      A keyboard

      Power ON and off button

      A Case etc to fit it all in


      This should be possible as long as you buy the cheapest parts.

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          Why do you mention the Raspberry Pi and then mention using an atom cpu?  The Raspberry Pi is in itself a computer, you wouldn't need another processor/mobo as well.


          As for an Atom based netbook, because of available for purchase components, a homebuilt netbook would never be as good or as cheap as a store bought one.  Manufacturers have parts made for netbooks and small computers and get them made for that purpose.  A homebuilt one would probably end up being a bulky low powered Atom based Laptop.