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    need help picking components


      Ok I have a project that requires 3 pwm outputs and two digital inputs

      I'm looking for an 8-pin MCU where i can just analogWrite to the PWM pins instead of mucking around with software PWM.


      I've tried the attiny45, but have had no succcess with pwm on three pins, the closest i can get makes one of the inputs high, and i need that input for a button.

      Aslo i need to be able to program it with my arduino uno, I see i can program lots of chips with the arduino, so i don't forsee that to be a problem.


      also using the PWM pins I intend to control three mosfets to control 1 meter 30 led 12v led strip i got from sparkfun.com, and I would like to find a one chip solution to do that, or at least find another way to make the circuit smaller.


      I am open to using bigger chips, though I need to keep the circuitboard small, it has to fit in a very tight place.