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    Ask me a question about Solid State Relays?


      When to use Solid State Relays vs. Electromechnical Relays?

      If faster switching response, no bounce, silent operation and long life are required.

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          The question is not exactly on SSR.

          What's the advantage ad disvantage to use little signal mosfet instead of bjt transistor ?

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              Sir Aiman,


              Good day.


              We are currently looking for a chip for our LED price directory for gasoline station.

              The technician said the chip is malfunctioning every time we hook up the SPI ribbon cable

              it will turned  OFF the LED lights. He said the chip is at OFF STATE. He gave us 74HC24HD number.

              But noticed i can only find this on your site.






              Do you think this is the chip we need the 74HC244D,65274HC244D,652 and not 74HC24HD? Also what in the 74HC series

              can we use with same function. 4 DIGIT NUMERIC LED Display x 3 row, double face front & back.

              price display programmable via RF controller.


            Thank you.



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              I don't know if this is the kind of question you are looking for but we are using the International Rectifier

              AUIPS7091 to turn on and off hydraulic valves. The valves draw about half an amp each but sometimes two or three may be temporarily connected to the same output.


              I am planning on using the Si8660 to convert a microcontroller 3.3 V 1 mA output to a 5 V signal that will (hopefully) control the 7091.


              Do you have any suggestions on any other ways I might use a 3.3 V signal at 1mA or less to control a 24 VDC 2-3 Amp output?


              Thank you.

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                Hi Aiman,

                I am working on project to control a temperature of a coolant system so basically I am using PID temperature controller to drive 2 solid state relay to switch my loads on/off, the SSR drive in my PID controller Max current rate is 20mA, let assume that the 2 SSR required more current, could you help me to find external SSR Driver circuit that boost the current from my SSR driver in my PID controller  and this external SSR drive will drive my 2 SSR ( like if you give me a product name so I could purchase it) waiting for your reply with many thanks.