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    WiPi & VGA adapter draw too much power on older R Pi board


      I just got the element14 WIFI adapter and the HDMI to VGA adapter.

      Together they draw too much power when used on the older rev 256K board.

      The display blanks off every few seconds or so and the WIFI can't connect. Gets worse the longer it's powered on.

      I 'pennied' the fuses F1 and F2 by soldering a wire across them but not much help.

      I then shorted across the main fuse F3 and all works fine now.

      The original board has a 700mA 'poly' fuse at F3. According the posted schematics the newer Rev 2.0 boards have a 1000mA fuse at F3, and F1, F2 have been eliminated.

      I will most likely put in a 1 or 2A poly fuse when I get a chance so the board will not melt down if there is a short.

      Hopefully the 1A fuse is good enough on the rev 2.0 boards? Anyone tried my combination on a new board?

      Note I am using a 5V 10A regulated switching power supply.