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        I wish I remember what I did


        Well you should identify

        1. You should find out + and - wires for power
        2. data wires


        If you have a multimeter, you should find if any wires ary connected. Its just measuring resistance (Ohm) My multimeter has also a feature for detecting if 2 wires are connected. AFAIK it send little currency to detect if it has a circuit -> you could fry your webcam if sending too much currency to wrong direction.


        Any if you have something like this http://www.amazon.com/Mastech-Single-Output-Power-Supply-HY3003D/dp/B004ISQ270/ref=pd_sxp_grid_pt_1_0

        You could try feeding it 5V and almost 0A, so it shouldnt frie webcam, and only when connection is correct, it will get power and you should see some Ampers used.

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          first there is very limited risk to damage ubs circuits as there are protected from overcurrent. So you I toke the risk eventually got it wrong (I notice in my device manager in that case that other usb items got disconnected...)


          I managed to wire a wecam that I got from an old Toshiba laptop satellite: there are 5 wires:

               - black AND red/brown go the black of USB (my guess is that black is 0 and that red/brown is the ground used for electrostatic isolation of the laptop)

               - 2 twisted cable are data wires: blue goes to wthite and green goes to green

               - last is white and is the +5V, it goes to the red of the USB.


          I hope it helps

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