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    door opening automation help, beginner


      Hello, I'm trying to make a automatic lock for my front door. I have seen Ben from the Ben Heck Show do it but I want a summary of what i need and have to do, I have no clue at all since I haven't got experience with any hardware electronic stuff like this.I don't have a buzzerbox so I'm only doing my door. I'm planning to use the method he used for thebuzzer for the toggle and the method he used for the thermostat to lock or unlock the door. Also I only know how to code a little bit (java and batch), so if i need any codeing please suggest where i could get it from, anyways Any help would be much appreciated.


      Leet me know if im missing anything;


      - I need a servo to lock and unlock the door

      - I need a server module to set it up so i can unlock the door with my phone (Iphone)

      - I need wires to connect from the server module to the servo.(server card or whatever you call it). It needs to be a functional web server, right? If anyone knows of a program made for this, please tell me about it.

      - I need an old charger with 5V output.

      - Ben used annother circuit to connect to the servo, how would i go about that?

      - I need a button or switch to manually ope the door from the inside.

      - I want some kind of box to conseal it in, any suggestions?

      - Any additional things I need or you think I should include in this, just tell me about it and I will .


      Again any help would be much appreciated, nobody can be worse than me



      I've added a photo of how i think I'll do it, sorry it's in Norwegian but you understand what it's supposed to be right?