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    Mobile Raspberry Pi Build


      Thought I would post this for all the raspberry pi folks.  It a great project for the poeple that like to mod and love the pi.  What do you all think?


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          I think it looks quite good, although a couple of things bother me.

          1) It looks a bit fragile - wonder how long it will stand up to general wear and tear?

          2) I've just totted up the cost and it is around $390, or around £250-260. For the same money, I could get a chromebook, netbook or even a lower end laptop. Alternatively, I could spend less than half that and get a second user laptop and put an SSD in that with Linux.(Which is what I have done and which flies)


          Like I say, it is interesting as a project, but not sure of the practicality of it, or the cost involved.