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    Configuring a WiPi when the WiFi network is not encrypted


      How do I configure the wireless settings if my network does not use encryption?  I use MAC filtering to only allow devices to connect to my network.  I have followed the installation instructions and edited the interfaces file so that it now reads


      auto lo


      iface lo inet loopback

      iface eth0 inet dhcp

      auto wlan0

      iface wlan0 inet dhcp

      ssid cheescake


      But this appears not to work. When booting it renames wlan0 to wlan1 (and I used ifconfig to get the MAC address of the WiPi device wlan1 so I can configure my router) but it fails with the lines


      Cannot find device "wlan0"

      Bind socket to interface : No Such Device

      Failed to bring up wlan0.



      What do I need to type in the interfaces file to configure my device please?