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    version 6.4 LTspice schematic importing into EAGLE

      I've just been reading the release notes on EAGLE 6.4 and read you can import LTspice Schematics into EAGLE.


      This is great, as I tend to use LTspice alot for simulating circuits.


      However, when i try to impotr the .asc LTSpice schematic file I get an error window pop-up:


      Eagle: import-accel.ulp


      Wrong file signature: Version


      <pressed ok>


      Followed by:




      Can't find ' <insert directory here>\<LTspice schematic name>.scr'


      which to me sound like your supposed to export something from LTSpice, which spits out a script file to run in EAGLE.


      Can't find anything in LTspice that does this so am a bit stumped.


      Can anyone help?





        • Re: version 6.4 LTspice schematic importing into EAGLE

          I've had a bit more uck that you.

          I'm not sure about the first error - but I think you are misinterpreting the seond error. I think Eagle creates the scr file as an intermediate script file while doing the import.

          In my case - I had some permissions problems while Eagle tried to generate the "scr" file.

          You can either change the folder where it writes the scr file - or run eagle "as administrator" in windows 7 so it breates the scr file without problems.


          I really don't know what caused your first error. I didn;t see that.


          I found this section helpful:


          Though I think the "ulp" is now included in V6.4.