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    New Raspberry Pi appears faulty; need assistance with exchange


      Apologies if this doesn't belong here but I couldn't seem to find any other way to reach out for help through the community site.


      I recently received a new Raspberry Pi (my second one). The issue I'm having is that within a few minutes of booting up, the unit will unepectedly freeze (display says "unsupported signal" and the Pi stops responding to pings).


      My first Pi is a model B rev 1 (256MB RAM) and this second unit I ordered (model B rev 2) was intended as an upgrade. I have a setup (power supply, Element 14 branded SD card with Raspbian Weezy installation, and an external HDD plugged into a powered USB hub) that has been working like a charm for several months. I'm using the Ethernet port for network connectivity.


      I started by swapping out only the board, leaving everything else (SD card, power supply, hub with HDD) in place from my existing setup.


      Here's what I've done to troubleshoot:


      • Followed the instructions here on the troubleshooting wiki. Both tests (TP1 to TP2 and the Polyfuse test) reported voltages within the stated acceptable ranges.
      • Booted without the USB hub (and the external HDD).
      • Used another power supply (a new one that I bought from Newark along with the new rev 2 board).
      • Tried another (new) class 10 SD card with the latest OpenELEC Raspberry Pi image.


      Each time, I observed no changes in the behavior: the unit freezes within a few minutes of booting (even if I let it sit idle after boot).