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    Battery Question


      Hello can someone help me with this question that i have about this battery that i got out of my UPS the battery(12v 7.2a) is dead and will not take a charge.I was wondering is this battery like the ones that are in laptops and power tool and flash lights with those 12 and 6 volt batteries or is it like the ones in a car?

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          The battery from your UPS will probably be a sealed lead acid type (so not the same as laptop, power tool or car !) but before you replace it you must find out for sure. What does it say on it ? I have replaced the batteries in quite  a few low cost UPS with cheap lead acid batteries with no problems.

          Farnell don't sell really cheap lead acid batteries so in the UK I would go to Rapid Electronics - they do a range of "Haze" sealed lead acid batteries at £11.76 for a 12V 7.5AH part. You need to choose one that is the right chemistry and the right physical size. These batteries are not as good as the ones Farnell sell but are probably about the same qulaity as those fitted in a cheap UPS in the first place.