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    Help with Arduino and VFD display


      I'm new here - be gentle smiley

      I've tried a few other forums and got no response, so I'm hoping you guys can help me out.  I got a few of these displays pretty cheaply, and being I2C I thought they should be pretty easy to get working, problem is I'm stuck.  The datasheet for these displays is here - http://symon.id.au/symon/0900766b80f06185.pdf


      I get that I need to send a device address byte, then a command or memory address byte, and then the data bytesI've found some code on github from someone who has used this display before, unfortunately it was with a PIC not an AVR -https://github.com/Djhg2000/OpenHUDisplay/blob/master/m12by02aa.c

      The code I am using so far is below, just to try to turn one of the three LED's on, but nothing I seem to do is working.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


      #include <Wire.h>
      byte I2C_add = B10100000; //address #0
      byte disp_write = B01000000; //write to display memory
      byte disp_bright = B10011111; //turn on display, maximum brightness
      byte led_write = B01000101; //write to LED's
      void setup() {
      void loop() {
        Wire.write(I2C_add); //write to address #0
        Wire.write(disp_bright); //turn on display
        Wire.write(led_write); //write to LED
        Wire.write(B01000101); //turn LED 2 on