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    Draw VGA color bars with FPGA in Verilog

    Drew Fustini

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      Ste Kulov did a great workshop on FPGA and Verilog at my hackerspace recently and has posted the Verilog source code with good comments for his demos:



      I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from the NERP FPGA workshop we did a couple weeks back.  There were a few people who asked me to post the Verilog code that went along with the two demos we did.  I added comments to the Verilog files in an attempt to clear up a lot of the stuff we cruised through to avoid turning this purely into a Verilog class.  The most useful comments will be in the VGA controller module we wrote:vga640x480.v.  Anyway, all the required project files to synthesize the logic we wrote are right here:  NERP_demo.zip

      I was very satifised to walk away from the presentation with a basic understanding of VGA signals and how FPGAs and Verilog work.