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    PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Community Project#01 - Blinking LED


      To kick-start our 100 Projects in 100 Days community effort around the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit, today I'm posting a simple "Blinking LED" project.


      This is a very simple project that will help you get started with your first design for the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit.


      Project Schematic:

      01 - Blinking LED Sch.png
                          Actual screenshot from PSoC Creator schematic (TopDesign.cysch)



      In this design, a PWM Component drives the Pin Component which is connected to the Blue LED on the Pioneer Kit. The PWM modulates to make the blue LED blink at regular intervals


      Hardware connections on the Kit:

      • Blue LED - P0[3] (this is internally wired, no extra connections required)


      Software Setup:

      • See steps #1 - #6 from the main post here


      Project Files:

      • Blinking LED.cywrk.Archive01.zip