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    Expired: Who wants a free Arduino?

    Drew Fustini

      I had the plesure of attending the Make: Hardware Innovation Workshop last week prior to Maker Farie.  All the attendees got a nice swag bag:



      Included was a copy of the Getting Started with Arduino and the Make: Special Edition of the Arduino Uno:



      I already have several Arduinos so I'm going to give it for free it to a Community member:


      Reply to this post with a short description of why you are interested (1 to 2 sentences is fine)I'll then pick a winner at random on Monday, May-27, at 7pm US CDT. Winner chosen!


      Note: I'm located in Chicago and will ship it for free to the winner using the lowest cost option available.  If the winner is located outside the US, then the winner will be responsible for paying any customs fees or duty that may apply.  I will list the value as $40USD.






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          Hi Drew,


          First off, i'm incredably jealous to hear you were able to attend the event itself!


          I've just joined the community here on element14 and am keen to become an active member.


          The reason why i'm interested is that in the coming year my university project is to design and develope and ardunio control system for an autonomous quadcopter. This project has had a high interest in the engineering department and.. if all goes well, could end up being on the cover of next years prospectus!


          I've had some experience with ardunios from the recent construction of my prusa mendal 3D printer, but having almost finished that and considering my knowledge was limited to what I found in tutorials- i am really looking for a basic starter kit for use with this next project to help build my knowledge!


          I'm based in the UK however, but you can rest easy knowing it will go to a good cause!


          Thanks, James.

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            That sounds like an amazing event!

            What I want to know is if you carry blue and orange markers around just so you can write "element14" properly on name tags


            ps, I like how the Arduino board has the Make: customization on it.


            pps, Someone at element14 gave me an Arduino Nano a few years ago, and I'm so grateful! It opened up so many opportunities (at the time I was using much more difficult to use dev boards). So I hope this does something similar for whoever receives your generous gift! I have since then bought a handful of them, so I'm not asking to be in the draw - just being chatty




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              Emil Robinson

              HI Drew.

              1: Drew you are incredible generous


              And I will like to intend this contest because my first Arduino UNO died after I was Curios with my extra ATmega328p-pu so it too out my chip that was in my arduino and put in my other chip

              so I don't have a arduino any more.

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                Hi, its awesome that you got to go to such a cool event, even better that you got a great swag bag. And to top it off youre being generous enough to give it away (and then Pay to ship?!). You are a great person that Im sure is doing wonders on many more fronts to expand this hobby. [/brown-nose]


                Onto why I would love the chance to get in on this raffle:

                I just got my first arduino and was using it to play around and make a few interactive toys for my son. This is awesome, but doesnt allow me to use the chip for what I wanted to do with it without dismantling his toy. Id love the chance to get my hands on another one of these to build out some more grown up projects on and learn a bit more about using arduinos. No shortage of ideas in my head, eventually one will be a dedicated aquarium controller, once I save the $600 for the probe kit (and learn quite a bit more about programming these things).


                Thanks for your consideration, I hope whoever gets it is able to have a ton of fun with it!

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                  Hi ,

                  I am intrested in the free arduino because i want to use it to further my understanding of microcontrollers.I am from Africa and i have been teaching myself about microcontrollers through online resources as that is the only means i can get to know about them.The only way i can buy an arduino is through online shops which often demand payment through a credit card or paypal account which i don't have any.If i am considered as the recepient of the free arduino it will go a long way to help me and also others around me which can spur a technological revolution in where i am from.

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                    Hey Drew ,

                                     I'm a student from the university of technology in jamaica , and it would great if i could have that arduino to incorperate in projects. Currently i would im organising a team to develop a cnc router and it would nice having that micro countroller to be the brains of the operation. If im selected ill be sure to update on the progress of the project if need be and so forth.

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                      I'm a Programmer by Trade, But When my 7 Year Old asked to Build a robot, I wanted to jump Right In and help him realize that dream. With a large famiky And Disabled wife, I Don't Have Much Money, So I Turned To ebay and ordered an Arduino Mega. What I Got Was a Hiduino From China. For the most part it works, but one of banks of pins are mounted crooked and shields will not fit right. Not being able to Spend The Money On Another, I Am Forced To use jumper wires To Connect Shields. a Genuine Arduino, Would make Things a Lot Easier. -Harry Delien

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                        I hope i'm not too late

                        im quite new to the world of microcontrollers and have recently started learning how to use the atmega8

                        so far i have completed a couple of minor projects.

                        but recently i have been hearing lots about the arduino and as there is a large comunity supporting this

                        I thought that i would give it a try. at the moment im a bit skint

                        so hopfully you could help






                        kind regards


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                          Drew Fustini

                          Thanks to everyone who commented.  Here is the list of entries sorted alphabetically:



                          I choose the winner based on whoever would be in 1st place after a random sort:



                          The winner is Mark Beckett


                          Mark: I'll send you a PM to get your shipping address.




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                              listen Drew i am sure that this is over i have a few questions and i would love for you to answer them as soon as possible first off i am 11 and i am very interested in robotics and coding and really anything computer based i would have loved to enter that competition and i was wondering if an arduino micro is an add on to the arduino or not my cousin Andrew just sent me a micro aurduino in the mail and i was wondering if i could buy one of your arduinos off of you it would mean so so much to me if you got back to me thank you



                                                                 Alexander Glaize

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                              hey i am pretty much interested in getting that arduino .i am working on two project that are based on arduino and i can not afford to buy it but i need it please help me .i am working on project that is home automation and in that i need arduino board till now i am doing projects on arduino but that is of my senior and now he need it so please help me.

                              my mail id is 10bec097@nirmauni,ac,in

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                                I tried to buy one in my home town, but unfortunately, every time I went to shop, it was out of stock .later I found shopkeeper is not interested.Lets try if I am lucky enough?

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                                  Well the reason I should get it cause I live in India and there is not much of practical electronic learning here, so with an arduino I could get started as a first step.

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                                    I want to have one, just not because it's free or may be free. but geting it at earliest this may be good hope. One should not gave up Hope!

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                                      Hello sir,

                                      I am sarthak sethi. I live in New Delhi, India. We don't have proper education here. I also donot have enough money to buy a arduino. I had also tried making my own arduino from old computer parts but i didnot have enough funds to do it as well. Our country has a very low economy. If you say to purchase it, the cost is around $40. $40 in INR means 3,000 rupees


                                      Maybe you can help me. Thanks in advance.

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                                        I would love to have one of these to complete my Time Machine. You see, my safety cannot be guaranteed without it.

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                                          Yes I would like to get one of these kits; cause I like showing my children how to do projects like these, so they can get into it like I did to get them ahead of what the school can teach them.

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                                            Nice offer very kind of you

                                            This is going to make you all laugh I see the note by the way at the bottom of  your page ref free Arduino $40.00


                                            I see mentioned  Maplin's price not much better either but you guess what You can buy these now even make them your self for less that £6.00


                                            No kidding They cant even give them away they are like mobile phones once they have flooded the market unless you are serious about truthfully developing software applications and interfacing to the real world most people sadly I say also with regret  are like this with most innovative ideas

                                            They are a two minute wonder The component size again sadly has ruined electronics for mots hobbies t never mind Industry Their entire emphasis is on throw away  instead of creating something decent , well designed which all could learn keep and devlop from but no doubt there will be plenty of people who will argue that as w


                                            In fact I'm pleased in a way they are selling these for so little because at last people like China are giving the rest of the world a taste of their own medicine A culture to a large extent which has sought to extort the public by and large


                                            The second reason is ::  Its Arduino and I don't know how many have looked into this seriously  but you will see that eventually you will all want to go back to learning in C , C++


                                            I'm not going to tell you why yet but when you do work this out in full  you will understand exactly what it is they have done here

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                                                Sir, My name is Jainish and I am from Ahmedabad. Here, I am in the first year of college. And I don't know what should I do in the college. After by my friend told me about arduino and search on google what is the arduino. I found that it is the thing which I wanted. By arduino I can do lots of things. But I don't have one. So that I suppose to have one arduino so that I can do lots of things by using arduino.

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                                                Sir i want this arduine to make bluetooth car plssss send me this bec i dont have much money to complete my project.

                                                Thank you.