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    Lack of projects or examples related to piface




      I recently buy a Piface to begin learinng how to use an electronic device connected to my raspberry pi device.


      But as far as i began to search samples, or any kind of projects, python or c code using piface, everything i saw was more related to adafruit products than piface. Even my Piface needed a board made by adafruit to be completely useful. 


      So i begin to have some doubt about the value of Piface in terme of versality making it working in any realistic projects, like i used to see with the use of some adafruit and some othe companies products.


      I bought electronic devices from adafruit some days ago, but it is kind of frustrating to have something unuseful as this piface i have now. All i did was some sort of basic and stupid code making light goes on and off on the piface board but that's all. 


      Am i wrong, ami i missing internet websites made of projects related with a piface ? If i'm wrong where's the best website to go to have more about this piface.


      Thanks in any ways !


      Sorry about my bad english writing !