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      • 15. Re: "Beaglebone and the 3.8 Kernel"

        I've been making use of DT fragments, currently just to enable the PRU and to set the mode for pins, however I'm having trouble setting GPIO2 pins as inputs. I've seen this on the latest 6/6 build too, as well as the previous build.


        The .dts fragment example I'm using is here. It doesn't work, although I can set the pin to input using the echo in > /sys/class/gpio/gpio65/direction so I have a workaround for now.


        However, does it look like a bug, or have I made an error in the dts file?

        The fragment is responsible for setting <0x8c 0x2f> which is DIL header P8, pin 18 as seen on the pinmux website, set to input, with no pullup/pulldown. When I load it, and try to verify using echo $PINS | grep 88c, I see it as 0x27, i.e. unchanged.


        I'm guessing I've maybe made a silly error somewhere, but it's quite frustrating having looked at it for days, and not getting anywhere!

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