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    Idea for show - remote controlled lawn mower


      Hello Ben,


      I'm big fan of your show, I've seen all yours episodes, great job! Sending greetings from heart of Europe.

      I have remote controlled lawn mower idea in my head for a while. Lot's of us have to cut grass every week and once man is getting older he's also getting lazier. What about to use raspberrypi with some kind of motor board (fount this one http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1436996303/motorpitx-motor-board-and-power-supply-for-a-raspb ) and Camera board http://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-54359/l/raspberry-pi-camera-board as base componets for lawn mower. With wifi connection and web based controlling interface you can do robotic grass chops anywhere on any device (tablet, phone, pc) I can give a hand with web based software - I'm full time programmer.


      Basic idea is to use one motor for grass cutter - preferably electric supplied by rechargeable batteries

      Brain can be raspberrypi with motor board, camera board and USB wifi dongle


      What do thing about this idea? There is for sure lots of space for improvements - recharge dongle, obstacle detection, GPS tracking and automatic field cutting,


      Tom P.