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    RPi Camera Cases

      Farnell & CPC have silently added a case for the RPi Camera board, unfortunately difficult to find as searches tend to get you to the re-direct page.


      Cases are from Camdenboss and have Camdenboss part numbers as follows CBRPC-BLK CBRPC-CAR CBRPC-WHI and are presumably available in other regions under different e14 part numbers but the same manufacturers part number.


      Brief datasheet here http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1720198.pdf

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          So I received one of these today, here are some images




          As you can see here, the case is simply two bits of folded plastic with some grooves to keep it together



          The camera clips into the groves cut into the sides of the back of the case, it's quite fiddly to get it in there, I'd suggest removing the cable first. It's also a tight fit with some force required.



          Not particularly easy to see here, but the hole for the lens doesn't quite line up with my camera



          Finally, as you've had to bend the front of the case apart to get the back into the groves it doesn't quite come back together perfectly


          notice the gap is somewhat wider at the bottom.


          As the plastic front has been grooved and then folded along the groove as can be seen here, it's quite fragile and it probably wouldn't take much to break it



          So on the whole it's a reasonable attempt at a case for the camera when the camera wasn't particularly designed with a case in mind.

          A couple of dots of glue once it's assembled will probably cure any worries about it falling apart later, but that'll make it rather harder to change the cable if you ever need to.


          What would have been useful would be a threaded hole in the bottom that would allow it to be mounted directly onto a tabletop tripod, coupled with a longer cable it could be interesting.


          All that said, I'm not convinced they're worth the asking price.