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    [Project] Solar touch screen monitor




      I'm working on a project with a friend to design a solar powered touch screen monitor using the RPi.

      My friend is working on the electrical part of the project. He already design few solar powered bench where you can plug your phone or other device.

      And I'm the one working on the computing side.


      We choose the Rpi because it does not require a lot of power.


      Here is the screen that we choose :


      It's particularly good for the outside use (brightness, reflection).


      I'm here now to ask for your help a advice, we are looking for a lvds board with rpi compatible video input (or vga) or, even better, a way to plug the Rpi to the screen using the DSI port.

      We are looking for a compromise between cheap product, low electric consummation and quality.


      After that we will be looking for a touch layer but one step at a time.


      Thanks for those who will take the time to help us, sorry for my lack of skills in English. As soon as I have something to show you I will share!