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    no video problem on HDMI and Video out


      I have RPi b model and  I have had in the recent past output on the HDMI and Video output ports but now on boot(HDMI port) I get the splash color screen then a popup that shows the boot choice of the operating system that it will boot to then the seconds count down to zero and screen goes blank and I do not see all the files being loaded or anything else. I can see the activity led blinking so I think files are being load but the video never comes back.  Also I get nothing if I go to Video port not even splash color screen. I have measured power supply voltage it never gets below 5.05v during all the 

      What has happened?

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          John Beetem

          One possibility is that your SD card got corrupted again, as with your earlier thread: login broke.  In the previous case RasPi got all the way to the login prompt before you noticed a problem.  In this case it's failing at an earlier point in the boot sequence.  It could be something else, but I'd check the SD card since you've had problems with that before.  In any case, I suggest checking the RasPi Troubleshooting wiki for other possibilies and to learn about the boot sequence: R-Pi Troubleshooting - eLinux.org

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              I have an SD card preloaded with Raspbian, which used to work in my Pi, but this week it does not.

              However, I have copied its image via my PC to another SD card of the same ilk which does work in my Pi. I upgraded the OS on the working SD card and saved the image back onto my PC. I have installed a PiFaceDigital add-on board, on to the working SD, and saved its new image onto the PC.

              The working SD card runs flashing leds on the new card, saves to a memory stick, etc.

              Other SD cards, loaded with the new image either work or dont. Those that dont, “cannot mount the file system” during boot, (this week).

              Whilst loading the .img files to the SD cards, I notice that 'dd' reports a data rate at the end of the process. Working SD cards clocked in at around 6MB/sec whereas the failures clocked in at around 4MB/sec.

              I conclude that some SD cards will fail to work at all, whilst some work today and not on your birthday, and the manner of their failure may be regular this week but different next week, whilst others work what ever.


              1, Keep working images, well documented, on your PC or whatnot.

              2, SCRAP any SD card that shows any fault whatsoever, barring corruptions which may be rectified.

              3, Dont skimp on the quality of those SD cards, though 'good enough' is fine.