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    RPi official v4l2 driver

      For those interested in doing things with the RPi camera module, it's worth taking a look at the following thread over on the RPF fourms:




      It has details of a newly released official video4linux2 driver, this is a true kernel driver, sponsored by the RPF and developed by some broadcom employees.  All of which makes it much more likely to get the required attention when something on the GPU side needs done or changes. Don't confuse this with the userspace v4l2 driver, they're not the same thing at all.


      Having a proper v4l2 driver means the camera has much more of a chance of being useable for a variety of purposes with software that's designed for the v4l2 api, generally that covers most linux based video software.

      They're quite clear about it still being a beta and likely to have issues, but it's a very good step in the right direction.

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          I'm rather glad about this, have you used this driver your self ?

          Since this is only a Beta and I was wondering just how good it was?

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              I've just started investigating it.  Didn't have any of the troubles some other posters to the thread had with having to run raspistill before loading the module.


              I can at least confirm it works, you can change settings without needing to kill the app which was a bit of a limiting factor when using raspivid/still.


              My hope is to setup a couple of cameras to stream using rtsp, should make a good low cost alternative to an Axis network camera. Of course I need to be able to make it work first