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    XMOS startKIT for raspberry-pi projects: 2500 startKITs FREE!




      XMOS announced an ultra-low-cost development platform called startKIT. Priced at just $14.99 from XMOS distribution partners, startKIT makes it quick and easy to start developing with the configurable xCORE multicore microcontroller technology. xCORE multicore microcontrollers can be software-configured with a wide variety of peripherals and interface blocks and programmed in C / C++, all in a single programming environment.

      startKIT is equipped with header connections that allow it to interface to Raspberry Pi products, making it an ideal real-time I/O solution for Raspberry Pi projects. Measuring just 94 x 50mm in size, it is based around the 500MIPS, eight-core XS1-A8-64-DEV, an xCORE-Analog multicore microcontroller.  The board includes: LEDs;  a push-button switch;  two capacitive sense sliders;  a sliceCARD connector that is compatible with the wide range of I/O slices available from XMOS; and headers that allow connection to a breadboard system.

      startKIT is supplied with example code including driver software for the LEDs and push-buttons and a software-defined Ethernet interface and web server application. More xCORE code is available via the XCore Exchange, a thriving community of xCORE users centered at www.xcore.com.


      XMOS is giving away 2500 startKITs for FREE. chekout more information here. You can get a free startKIT by registering here.