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    Camera terminal code/instruction order


      Greetings, I have started my Pi learning by adding to my photographic skills but have encountered a few difficulties, and after searching the forum posts feel a need to call on the community for assistance.

      My first project is to develop the time-lapse facility for home monitoring and some more nefarious activities. the first few trials were mainly successful using basic commands but being disappointed with the image quality - bad lighting, reflections etc - I decided to add a few other variables to improve contrast, colour, sharpness etc but with no luck.


      This leads to my main question, is there a particular order in which these other variables need to be added. Do I include contrast and sharpness variables before the time and time-lapse commands or can they be in any order?


      Cheers to all.

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          Probably the best "parameter" is the lighting, all the other parameters can only slightly improve on the original. If you are out for better shots then you need to improve the lighting and thus that original.

          If you are after better low light functionality look at the NoIR  version of the camera which has the IR filter removed and ths has better low light and IR sensitivity. You could drive a set of LEDs either visible or IR to light your subject either continous or better still under control of the RPi!!


          Take a look at the Santa Catcher Challenge been run at the moment to get some ideas from a  similar requirement !!