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    [RESOLVED] Using my PC has a bridge to the Internet for my Raspberry Pi via Ethernet Cable.


           Okay so I received my raspberry Pi just yesterday, and I've been spending the majority of my time since trying to figure out how to get a connection to the internet. Currently my set up is a PC that is Wireless-ly connected to the Internet, and the my Raspberry Pi is connected to my PC via Ethernet Cable. I've changed a lot of settings however it has all been to no avail. Is the Ethernet Cable to old maybe? Do i need a crossover cable? I can ping my Raspberry Pi as well as SSH into it, however I can not ping my computer from the Pi. Any help?



      So the solution to the problem was simple...So even agree editing all the files, assigning static ip address to the RPi, gateway, all the shabang didn't work, I took to looking for another tutorial. I thought I had attempted this solution before but to no avail. However it worked this time.


      I went back through the settings I changed, basically turning them all to how they were in the beginning. Then located my Wi-Fi adaptor of the pc assigned the IPv4 and 6 to obtain automatically, and repeated that for the connection the RPi connected to. Then highlighted both connections, right clicked, arbd chose " Bridge Connections ". *Face Palm* Such a simple solution.


      Thank You, everyone, that had tried to help me I actually learned some new stuff in the process!