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Announcement 1 NOMINATIONS OPEN for the 2017 element14 RoadTesters of the Year

Raspberry Pi
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Hallo,   obwohl ich ein 3A-Netzteil angeschlossen habe, erkennt der PiDesktop sporadisch die m2.sata-sda nicht. Bzw. könnte man eher sagen, nur sporadisch erkennt er die m2.sata-ssd.   Gibt es noch Tips, ausser ein anderes 3A-Netzteil zu probieren (müsste ich erst bestellen...)   Meine Ausstattung: * Raspberry Pi 3 *

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Hi guys, i'm searching for people that would like to join me adding this nice emulator on the PI. NeoGeo CD SDL does have cd-rom only support and it's a great choice for people like me that would like to have a "new" neo geo cd, because the original hardware is expensive, unreliable and had low loading times.   This emulator was maded for
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  I still remember that one of the first posts I ever saw on the Community was Liam Lacey's vintage-toy-piano-turned-synthesizer; I was immediately struck by the clever idea, and then amazed at how good it actually sounded, it wasn't just a novelty. The projects posted here are without a doubt one of the great draws of the e14 Community,