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Raspberry Pi
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    So recently I have been installing a bunch of programs and been finding some have been causing a weird audio issue with my pi 4 but not to fear instead of wiping the pi and starting over I decided to investigate further and see what I could do to get it to work.   If your audio should be working but isn't on the pi 4 this

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Happy Friday Everyone! Now here is a bit of insider info for any our community members, as we know a bunch of you have struggled to get hold of the new Raspberry Pi 4. After a delivery this morning The Raspberry Pi 4 (2gb) is in stock, you can (for the moment) place you orders now for same day shipment  on Farnell and Newark.  
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English Grammar Self-Test 1) Select the sentence that is grammatically correct: It's the semiconductor that is the active device in the circuit. Its the semiconductor that’s the active device in the circuit. Both are correct. Neither are correct.   2) Select the sentence that is NOT grammatically correct. He opened the letter,