I'm not sure how I've managed this; I've read plenty of articles on controlling stepper motors, stripped stepper motors from old printers to keep them and even bought a nice set of 5x NEMA steppers for making a 3D printer....but I've never actually got around to powering and controlling one. Seeing all the cool things E14 members are making and especially in the Movers and Shakers Project14 I decided I really must get one working.


I had a A4988 mini driver board that was for my 3D printer and searched the internet on wiring that up. The article I worked to was here so no praise to me on any account apart from being able to push wires into a breadboard. Upon coding my Arduino Nano I could hear the stepper making a faint clicking noise and there was definite attempts for it to move. I searched around some more as the colours to my motor were different to those in the example and finally made a few changes....and off it went in a complete revolution. I added some tape as a marked and made a short recording of the historic moment

NB: the ESP8266 is nothing to do with this blog post]


Now I'm over that hurdle I can actually make something with it.....so off to the shed I'm going (I'll post a picture later on).