Picture of R2B4 4 wheel wooden robot on a pile of sand outside

Wow, I'm still overwhelmed that my R2B4 robot won the runner up prize in the Sixth Sense Design Challenge . I was quickly contacted by danzima to tell me that my prize was being shipped.....and yesterday this box was delivered by UPS.

The Luzbot Mini 2 box on my doorstep.

Up until then I had never used a 3D printer let alone owned my own one. About two years ago I started trying to make my own following along the lines of a Prusa i3 but without access to a 3D printer to make the joints I found myself using pieces of metal, wood and glue. I managed the Y-direction and built some of the Z and X but it was getting bulky in design and I had no idea how to make the extruder. It therefore sat gathering dust .


As I opened the Luzbot box my head was already filling up quickly with ideas of things to print . Quite unusual for me I actually worked my way through the getting started booklet and produced a great little octopus demo piece. It took about 45 minutes and for most of that I was starring intently at the printed item getting formed, it was quite mesmerising. I also noticed that many of the parts of this Luzbot Mini 2 are actually 3D printed as well.

Luzbot Mini 2

This also gave me a good insight into the Cura software and how it interprets and slices the *.stl file. Once completed I looked at the remaining sample filament as I had noticed Cura estimated how much filament a print would use. It would be a shame to waste that last little piece so I needed to make something else. I had looked at the OpenSCAD software when e14phil made the great series of 3D printer webinars 3D Printing For Makers: Free 4 Part Webinar Series and decided to use that as I like coding. And I made this little thing (I'm surprised it was able to print those horizontal parts of the raised lettering):

3D printed cube with raised E14 words on the faces and smilie face on topThe other faces of the cube

I also tried making a very small sphere but both attempts failed as after about 10 layers it fell off the glass table and became a 3D mess. Then I found there were settings in Cura to make a 'raft' but by then I was out of filament. My only problem now is what to print next. Wheels for R2B4, a phone holder for the car, some gears, a 2D UV laser etcher for PCB design, a 2D PCB drilling machine....the list goes on and on !


Thank you again to all the judges, Element14 team, STMicroelectronics and TE Connectivity and of course all the great community member comments along the way.